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NOTE: Opinions and advice provided on this website are based on the personal experience of the author, Stacy Quarty. Ms. Quarty in no way claims to be a professional source of medical, psychological or statistical information.

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Q. Is rough sex harmful to the baby?
-Anonymous, Montana

A. If you are at high risk for premature delivery, have problems with the placenta, experience unexplained bleeding or your water has broken, you should abstain from sex, and especially rough sex. Otherwise, I say go for it. With the exception of very painful sex involving the insertion of sharp objects, the baby should be fine. The cervix, amniotic sac and fluid provide the baby with a good barrier against big, jarring movements like rough sex.

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Q. I recently had oral sex with my boyfriend and I am 7 months pregnant. While having oral sex he ejaculated in my mouth. Is this safe for the baby? I do know that sperm is nothing but protein but I'm too scared to confirm this with my doctor.
-Anonymous, Indiana

A. With the exception of human waste (urine and feces), you can safely ingest fluids or secretions from another human body as long as that body does not have some kind of communicable disease. I wouldn't recommend ingesting large quantities, though, as this may make you sick to your stomach.

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Q. My girlfriend is pregnant and we're really happy. When we have sex, can I cum inside of her and not harm the baby?
-Anonymous, New York

A. Barring any medical problems, most physicians and midwives today will allow patients to have sex, ejaculations and all, right up until the day of delivery. (See the other "sex during pregnancy" question for more details.)

Don't worry; the baby is well protected inside the womb with a sealed cervix, the amniotic sac and fluid.

Q. I am 12 weeks pregnant and was wondering if anal sex can harm the baby? Or, when do I need to stop having anal sex if it is okay for the time being?
-Anonymous, California

A. As with vaginal intercourse during pregnancy, if you are at a high risk for premature delivery, have problems with the placenta, experience unexplained bleeding or your water has broken, you should abstain from intercourse. Otherwise, I say go for it. Unless your doctor advises against intercourse, you should be able to continue vaginal and anal sex right up to the day of delivery.

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Q. Can swallowing when performing oral sex on a man affect the fetus?
-Trinity, New York

A. As long as you are not contracting any sexually transmitted diseases, then performing oral sex, swallowing or not, is not harmful during pregnancy. Swallowing semen in large quantities may make you sick to your stomach, though. It's primarily made up of protein and mucous.

Q. Will the pressure of big air bubbles in the vagina during sexual intercourse harm the fetus?
-Angela, Massachusetts

A. If air is blown or forced directly into a vagina without allowing any air to escape, an air embolism could form, which can be fatal to the woman or cause complications with a pregnancy. Pockets of air that form in the vagina during intercourse are not harmful as they can escape around the penis and/or when the penis is withdrawn. It can be pretty embarrassing, though. Vaginal farts can be completely uncontrollable and extremely noisy!


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Disclaimer: This web site, Frankly Pregnant: The Reality Site of Pregnancy, and the book it represents, Frankly Pregnant: A Candid Week-by-Week Guide to the Unexpected Joys, Raging Hormones, and Common Experiences of Pregnancy, in no way claim to be sources for expert medical or professional advice of any kind.

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